If I was to suddenly shout out the thing that makes me the happiest in this world, without a doubt, I would shout out the name of my dog... To observe dogs became my job. To look at their faces and see how they relate to their masters.

I was master to the best dog in the world.

vera running.jpg

The dog has an enviable mind.

It remembers the nice things in life 

And quickly blots out the nasty.

Barbara Woodhouse



A long time ago, dogs were regularly mistreated – unfed, unloved, and abused. So they gathered together and wrote a letter to God, selected a messenger dog and inserted the letter inside him below his tail – so he would not drop it when he ate or barked, for the journey would be long and hard. Generations passed and the dogs are still waiting. That is why they sniff each other – they are searching for God’s reply.

Folklore Chiapas